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TNT-U (The Nail Tech – Ultimate package) contains everything you need and more to start your nail empire. Learn from the basics and secure a good foundation. During our TNT-U course, we will learn about everything you need to become a fully trained nail technician. This course is designed especially for those who have chosen to do natural nails and nail extension creation and do pedicure treatments.


Entry requirements:

Minimum age 18


What is included in TNT-U?

  • Manicure (this is the fundament of the qualification, without this you are not able to do any other courses)

  • Pedicure 

  • Combined Dry Manicure with Gel polish (including BIAB application)

  • E-file (plus extra support to get the online E-file course)

  • Sculpting Acryl Gel / Poly Gel 

  • Business & Marketing (online)

  • Health & Safety (online)

  • Anatomy & Physiology, Contra-action & contra- indications (online)

  • First Aid (online)


During this course, you'll receive help with:

These are only included in The Nail Tech – Ultimate and The Nail Tech - Advanced packages, so if you are someone, who would like to start their career, these packages are the best you can get. As well as saving you money, you'll gain extra knowledge.


  • Starting a business

  • Marketing

  • Advertisement

  • How to take photos of your work to promote yourself

  • Setting prices

  • Becoming a successful nail tech planner


We will provide all tools and products during your course at the Academy. If we require anything extra we will let you know. But feel free to take the nail stuff that you already have.


The course itinerary is 3 and a half days :


Day 1 (8 hours)*: manicure and e-file, dry manicure, for example: 9 am -5 pm

Day 2 (8 hours)*: gel polish application, BIAB application, painted french and full colour, for example: 9 am - 5 pm

Day 3 ( 8 hours)*: Acryl Gel/ Poly Gel Sculpting technique, for example: 9 am -5 pm

Day 4 ( 5 hours)*: Pedicure, for example: 9 am-2 pm or 1 pm-6 pm


+Exam day (maximum 4 hours)*: Should be done on a model from each type of treatment,  the student can do it online or in person, it is really up to the student's preference.


*Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4  and of course the Exam day can be booked separately and does not have to be after each other day! And it not has to be the same way, as it is described above, totally customisable, the aim is to fit into your schedule and give time to yourself to practice between sessions.




1-2-1 Price: £1526

Group Price: £1426 (2-4 students)

Deposit: £350 (needs to be paid once dates have been arranged with us)


Why was this package created?

It was created for beginners. If you just start your nail career, this course includes everything you need to be a qualified nail technician and do your treatment on nails (hands), and later you can make your decision to learn pedicures. Nail art training is not included, held separately.* 


*for an extra charge


Our Educator Barbara Preil-Kovacs explains:

“If you want to get the full potential benefit of the nail industry and are interested in every aspect of creating nails. You want to treat natural nails with modern techniques, sculpting nails on a high level and doing pedicure treatments. If you are that person, this package is for you“


The course can be held in English and Hungarian. Please note, that in the group course to be held in Hungarian all students need to speak Hungarian. If just one of the students doesn't speak Hungarian, the course will be held in English!


What else will you get?

Special discounts with different related retailers.

After your course, you have 3 months “follow-up” opportunity with your educator. You can ask questions or send pictures & videos of your work for evaluation.



On successful completion of each of the courses, you will get separate ABT-accredited diploma certificates allowing you to gain insurance and work as a professional with a special discount code.

After this course, you will receive:

  • Manicure Certificate

  • Pedicure Certificate

  • Combined Dry manicure & Modern Gel Polish Certificate

  • E-file Certificate 

  • Sculpting Acryl Gel / Poly Gel Certificate





All courses require a deposit to be paid to secure your place after the date has been agreed upon. Please send us an email / Whatsapp / Instagram / Facebook message before payment!


Please read our Course booking information! Click here

This is an essential part as you will sign this as a Student contract before you pay your deposit or after, but paying the deposit means you agreed with everything, this is a legally binding contract, please bear in mind.


The remaining amount of your course fee is required to be paid 7 days before your training day if it is paid for via our website, or on the date of your training in cash/bank transfer/ PayPal if it has been approved by the Academy. Please let us know which option will work for you better. 


We reserve the right to reschedule your training for up to 14 days before your agreed date. In this case, you will be offered alternative dates, but no refund will be given.


Face-to-face courses can be cancelled or rescheduled in writing a minimum of 14 days before the agreed start date of your training. If you cancel or wish to reschedule less than 14 days before, your deposit won't be refunded, and you will need to re-book and pay for your training again. You have the right to a refund if you cancel more than 14 days prior.* 


*For the refund may fees apply due to the money transaction.


Payment instalments are available via PayPal- Pay in 3 (but you need to apply for this by yourself on the PayPal website previously) or when you booked your Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 training days you can pay the course fee separately (please let us know if you choose that option!), for example, the remaining £777 after the deposit paid off, your ability to pay on Day 1: £259, on Day 2: £259, on Day 3: the other £259.



After booking you will receive the online part of the training materials, so you can read and learn before your course begins. We are practice-oriented, so you are required to know the theory before you attend!




  • Read Course Booking Information before booking


The Nail Tech - Ultimate package


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