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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello, I am Barbara , a nail artist, coach and educator, I have moved from Hungary to the UK in 2016. I have been a nail artist for over 12 years and I have an extensive experience in all aspects of nails. My first calling towards the nail industry was in 2009. I have completed my first course in 2010 at Crystal Nails Hungary.  I am extremely passionate about inspiring others and bringing high-quality nail products and training into the industry, with the belief that every nail professionals should have a desire to continue to learn and develop their skills throughout their career and dreams.  I had a passion for nail art, but realised quite early on that without the correct technical knowledge, the art won’t take me any further, so I invested more time and passion to bring the basics up to a master level.  So I am highly experienced in both art and structural knowledge. 

Barbara Preil-Kovacs Nail artist & Educator

 I have won over 17 trophies both nationally and internationally and became Ultimate Nail Master in 2019 UK, 3x International Nail Master, Nailympic winner in Divison 3. I really enjoy nail artistry and I run a busy and successful home salon and nail education academy.  


I love all products of Le Noir The Luxury Nail Brand and I joined  and became an ambassador and educator for them in 2019. At the same time I am independent as well , willing to use any other brand to achieve the best results, but my heart will always belong to them.  I am awarded in Education and Training and I am a Nail Beauty Assessor (trained by VTCT) as well.  

If sI have to pick a few products these are the one I would like to receive you: All Acryl Gels...and my reason is that since these products has launched in the nail industry and I had the chance to try them, I realised that they will present the future of the whole industry.  I knew straight away that  in this rapidly changing and time pressured world we nail techs need to be fast and have less product waste in line with having more income. The Acryl Gels will help us to be on top and satisfy a wide range of people to achieve shorter treatment times but not to sacrificing the quality of our work.  In 2022 accredited my courses through ABT, one of the UK's leading beauty insurance company ,BPK Nail & Academy . Online -, private and group trainings are available if you wish to take your knowledge to the next level. 

Competition results

  • 2012: Budapest, Beauty Forum 10th place of Nail Design Hungarian Cup, "Pink & White" category, builder gel

  • 2012: Budapest, Nail Selection Hungary 3rd place of "La Dolce Vita" designer competition category

  • 2014: Budapest, Crystal Nails Hungarian Nail Cup 2nd place of "Pin-up american wife" in team with Veronika Gócza

  • 2015: Budapest, Crystal Nails Hungarian Nail Cup 1st place of gel polish design competition category

  • 2015: Budapest, MOSZI Salon Sculpting Technique "Pink & White" category 4th place, acrylic nails 

  • 2015: Budapest, Nail Grand Prix 1st place of gel polish design competition category

  • 2017: London Excel, International Nail Championship Professional Beauty 2nd place of "Pink & White" category

  • 2017: Birmingham, UK Nail Tech Competition became UK Top Tech 2017 - 2nd place of Free style nail art, 2nd place of Top Tech Stiletto 

  • 2017: London, Olympia Beauty , Nailympia Division 3 (master level)  2nd place of "Runway Nailart"

  • 2017: Manchester, Professional Beauty Competition achieve the 1st International Nail Art Master title/ thropy - 1st place of Nail Master Heat (french), 3rd place of Nail Master Heat (design), 1st place of One Stroke tip  box , 

  • 2018: London, Professional Beauty Competition achieve the 2nd International Nail Art Master title/ thropy - 1st place of Nail Master Heat (desing), 2nd place of Nail Master Heat (french) , 4th place of Pink & White, 5th place of One Stroke tip box, 9th place of Mixed Media tip box,

  • 2019: London, Professional Beauty Competition achieve the 3rd International Nail Art Master title/ thropy and became Ultimate Nail Art Master in UK  - 1st place of Nail Master Heat (5 different extreme shapes), 3rd place of One Stroke Tip Box, 3rd place of Photographic Classic Nails "Pop Art theme"

  • 2020: Nail Top Master UK online competititon 1st place of "Marvellous Monochrome" photo category  and Judges Choice Award

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